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Joanna Krupa Thinks Women Are Taking Advantage of the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa's mouth has landed herself in some HOT water!

The former Real Housewives of Miami star is claiming that she believes women are taking advantage of the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal.

After the Weinstein scandal broke dozens of celebrities have talked about their personal sex abuse stories and everyday people have come forward and accused celebrities of sexual harassment. The mess of it all! People are finally speaking up!

Well Miss Krupa refuses to believe everyone who is speaking out. She commented on reality star Ariane Bellamar who is accusing Jeremy Piven of groping her on the set of Entourage.

“I love Jeremy Piven. I’ve known Jeremy Piven for a very long time. He’s like the nicest f–king guy I’ve ever met, so I think people are taking advantage of the whole situation with [Harvey] Weinstein, and they’re trying to make a living or they’re trying to get famous.”

Joanna also went on to say that Jeremy has never assaulted her and he's always been super nice to her. I don't think all the accusers are telling the truth, but Jeremy Piven is a pretty random celebrity to accuse. Shady boots!

Do you agree with what Joanna said or is it offensive? Sound off in the comments!

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