Mariah Carey's Former Security Guard Is Accusing Her Of Sexual Harassment, Unpaid Invoices and M

Mariah Carey

Ever since the Weinstein scandal broke everyone has been speaking out about their experiences of sexual assault in Hollywood, but I think this case is just an opportunity to make some coin.

Mariah Carey's former security guard is threatening to sue the pop diva for unpaid invoices and in the process he dropped some piping out tea! Michael Anello is alleging that Mimi only wants to be surrounded by Black people and she refers to all her White staff as Nazi's, KKK members and white supremisits. Now that is too specific to make up.

Anello is also claiming that Miss Carey sexual harassed him. This shady source says that Mariah called him into her room to move some luggage while she was wearing a see through robe that was open. He said he tried to leave but she wouldn't let him. I don't think that's sexual harassment, I just think it's Mariah. I mean there was NO physical contact.

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Her former employee is claiming that Mariah owes him $221, 329. 51 for his work for about two years. Damn that is a specific number, even the 51 cents. He ALSO says that she owes him $511,000 because he was promised two more years of work which he didn't receive. The mess of it all!

Apparently Mariah's team are trying to negotiate with him but he isn't happy with the figures. This is some very shady tea!

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