The Real Housewives of Orange County: Season 12 Cast Ranked!

This season of The Real Housewives of Orange County has not been good, not even a little bit. Vicki's overly extended Cold War with Tamra and Shannon, the disappoint of Lydia's return and the irritating contradiction that is Peggy Sulahian have all been contributing factors to this almost unwatchable season. Never in a million years would I think that Dallas could be more entertaining than the OC but this year those lone star ladies kicked these OC girls toned little asses! I mean really, did they have to travel to Iceland? To roundup this lacklustre season we ranked the ladies on who managed to deliver the most this season and who should be sent packing. Next season we are in need of a massive cast shakeup and I can think of at least 3 ladies that need to hand their oranges back in to Bravo!

7. Peggy Sulahian

It's no secret that Peggy has been the worst Housewives addition - ever. I've been racking my brains for the last couple of days to think of any other ladies that could potentially rival her but I just can't. Yes, Kim Fields, Amber Marchese, Kathryn Edwards and countless others have been boring and didn't fit in but Peggy doesn't understand what is going on 99% of the time. How many times did we need to learn that she is Armenian? It was almost like her storyline was to just keep reminding us that she comes from Armenia - we get it!

Her lack of knowledge for the english language is one thing (how on earth did this women graduate as an english major from UCLA) but her confrontation skills are just weird. The way she awkwardly clipped Meghan's lips to the way she brought out her odd cell phone video of Meghan's baby crying just made me uncomfortable and further proves that she is someone who really wasn't made to be on this show or any reality show for that matter? It didn't even seem like Peggy liked being in the presence of the ladies and it was pretty clear that her husband Diko wanted an orange more than she did. Oh well, another one season wonder down the drain.

6. Lydia McLaughlin

When Lydia first burst onto the scene in season 8 she was bright eyed, bubbly and left the Bravo producers wanting more but her return taught us that some things are better left to the imagination. Lydia's return did her no favours at all, in fact I think she lost A LOT of fans. Yes she brought her crazy, hippie mom along for the ride with all the fairy dust but it wasn't the same this time. We had to hear all season about her "husband getting his balls cut off" over and over again. At the Drag King bingo she was obviously uncomfortable with the LGBT community because of her "christian values." Tamra's christian and she can still whoop it up with her gay medium.

Lydia tried to make herself the friendship whisper and heal Vicki and Tamra's fractured relationship but all it did was give her the reputation of a shit stirrer. Lydia and Shannon also had a mini feud, but mostly it just consisted of Lydia wanting nothing to do with with Shannon's craziness which caused Shannon to freak out. Lydia delivered a pretty weak season and I don't think Bravo will be asking her back for a third round. I'll consider myself lucky if I never have to hear someone talk about Nobleman magazine again.

5. Meghan King Edmonds

Do you ever think that Meghan is just the human version of a yawn? Back in season 10, MKE debuted as the young, pretty new girl who was Jimmy Edmonds latest sugar baby and personally responsible for exposing Brooks. Three seasons in and Meghan just puts me to sleep. Her storyline this season was her new baby and the guilt she felt as a mother. Ugh, no one wants to watch Housewives to see a baby cry. We need to keep these girls 40+ and on the way the menopause, we don't need any fertile ladies on these shows. Along with her boring baby, Meghan also fought with Kelly about them both accusing each other of having infidelity in their marriages. Meghan claimed that hers was worse because she was pregnant. Shut up Meghan. MKE had to beg producers to take her back this season and I think there has to be little to no hope that we will being seeing Meghan on the show again.

4. Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki, Vicki, Vicki. You would think being the OG of the OC and having the most years on the show out of any franchise, that Vicki would learn from her mistakes and learn how to play the Housewives game. Wrong. Vicki invited Tamra's arch enemies: Gretchen, Lizzie and her ex GBF Ricky on the show to discuss Eddie's gay rumours and try and show the world that she was only repeating a rumour that Tamra had already heard which only blew up in her face. Everyone with a brain could see that Vicki and her band of idiots were reading from bad scripts that a producer had whipped together at the last minute. This dumb scene only prolonged her war with Tamra and Shannon and further excluded her from many of the group events.

Although this season demonstrated that Vicki isn't a good person she still has her boyfriend Steve and her daughter Briana by her side. How does Vicki manage to be surrounded by well rounded, sensible people and still be bat shit crazy. Vicki obviously doesn't think she did anything bad to Tamra and Shannon but if she wants to keep her job I think she needs to swallow her pride, apologise and then keep her lips shut so she never causes another problem again. We didn't get to see Vicki whoop it up this season but let's hope she can take the crew back to Andales for season 13 and just have fun.

3. Tamra Judge

This is probably one of the only seasons that Tamra has come out the other side completely unscathed. Mrs Judge had to endure Vicki bringing her team of haters on to continue to spread the gay Eddie rumours, which made Tamra look like the much better person because she didn't even hit Vicki back. Tamra continued to stay in shape this season and she also kept hoping for a better relationship with her daughter. Throughout the season we saw Tamra getting excited from the little crumbs that Sidney would give her which gave us hope, but we all know how it turned out due that vicious Facebook post. Tamra was also a loyal friend to Shannon all season long even when she desperately needed a break. Tamra looses points for not really having any major fights or plot points this season but she deserves a well needed break after 10 years of constantly delivering to the show. Good job Tamra!

2. Shannon Beador To say that this season has been tough on Shannon would be the understatement of the century. In just one season we saw her marriage fall about after years of her trying to keep it together, she hinted at the idea of opening an organic restaurant that David constantly belittled, she blamed Vicki for her weight gain and she fought with basically the entire cast.

Shannon unknowing made Housewives history when she threw her plate at Kelly at the Quiet Woman and she was a constant source of drama for the entire season due to her reacting from the stresses of her marriage. Shannon had a weird relationship with Lydia all season where she cried and was confused by Lydia's reasons for not liking her. Mrs Beador also went head to head with Peggy after the stupid conversation that their husbands had and she also spent the whole season developing and making t-shirts for her "I Hate Vicki Gunvalson Club."

Without Shannon this season would have had NO drama, and that's why we love the Housewives. Although filming this season was tough, she snapped her body back in the off season and inevitably kicked David's ass to the curb. Shannon is a Housewives legend, but she looses points for staying with David when he was clearly an asshole to her.

1. Kelly Dodd

After one of the most dramatic and intense first seasons ever Kelly Dodd returned to the show and totally redeemed herself this season. Along with rejunviating her boobs and her vagina, she also showed the world that she isn't just bat shit crazy. For the majority of the season Kelly was friends with everybody and kind of became the voice of reason. Kelly also realised how damaged her marriage was and openly reflected that she wasn't happy and wanted to make a change for her daughter's sake (since filming wrapped Kelly went and got herself a divorce.)

Although this was Kelly's redemption season she also wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty and call a bitch out. Miss Dodd got fired up with Shannon over her Quiet Woman dinner, she called out Peggy all season long for not speaking English and went head to head with Meghan after they both accused each other of infidelity. Kelly successfully changed the public opinion of her and solified herself as a long term cast member. Kelly Dodd won season 12 and you can expect to see her for many years to come. Who would have thought?

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