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Shade of the Week: Kim Zolciak

I like Kim Zolciak and her wig. I loved her since her OG days of those silicon wigs and caked on makeup but her return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday night, left me feeling some kind of way about her.

Kim's been bragging on social media about having two Bravo shows but doesn't that just mean that she needs the pay check? Kroy obviously isn't working right now and I doubt that he made enough money to still be able to afford their ridiculous lifestyle. The Biermann's live in a massive mansion, spend money like it's going out of fashion and all they have is her latest Bravo check. Is Big Poppa still around or are they the next Joe and Teresa?

Kim doesn't have any friends on the show, so money has to be her motive to return. NeNe and Kenya obviously aren't fucking with her, Kandi and Cynthia will be nice to her but their loyalties will always lie with Kenya. That only leaves her potential alliances to be with Sheree and Porsha and those are not two peaches I would want in my corner. She by Sheree will spill your tea for her bone carrier storyline faster than you can spell W-I-G and Porsha is an admitted liar who can't keep her stories straight.

I have to laugh every time Wig says that she only wants "positive energy," because all she does is bring negativity in her wake. When she used to be on the show, she lied to get out of the trips and thought she was better than everyone else and things don't look anymore different this time around. Kim turned up to NeNe's house will a goal to come for Kenya and her new husband, which was SO transparent. First Kim said that she married a fan, then that her husband doesn't exist. Which is it Wig? Also WHY was Kroy just waiting in the car? That. Is. Weird.

After she trashed the hell out of Kenya's man, she got mad when Kenya starting talking about her family. Hypocrite much? Kim's parenting style is also shade worthy. She gave Brielle a car FOR FREE. She didn't make her work for it, what does that teach her? She's 20-years-old now and she still doesn't work, what is she going to do when Wig's money runs out? Kim also joked about Brielle giving head for John Legend tickets and she made her daughter flash her boobs on Snapchat to show Khloe Kardashian. Am I the only one that thinks that is kinda weird?

I DO like Kim (contrary to this whole article) but I just hates when she acts like she is above the drama and better than everyone, when she is the the vortex of mess on RHOA. After RoachGate, I don't think NeNe and Kim can both come back and I think that NeNe will ultimately prevail.

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