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Here's A Sign That Teresa Giudice Might Be Getting A Divorce

A few years ago it seemed crazy to think that Teresa Giudice would divorce Juicy Joe but after her new tell all book and latest season of RHONJ, it looks like that might just become a reality.

Rumours of her infidelity to Joe have been swirling (thanks to Kim D) and allegations of their split have been talked about in tabloids for years, but now we proof that Tre could be considering a divorce.

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On Saturday night the reality star posted a photo of a dinner she was having with her friend Loren La Forge-Kykyriakoulis. Teresa captioned the photo "Dinner with a great friend getting great advice." That might seem like nothing but her friend is a divorce attorney, which is stated in her Instagram bio. Interesting. Was Tre getting some advice about a potential divorce?

Teresa hasn't been shy to admit that she is harbouring some anger towards Joe because she believes she went to jail for him and that robbed her of precious time with her mom who died in 2017. Could this be reason enough for Tre to seek help from a divorce lawyer?

Check out the evidence in the screenshots below.

To make the story even more juicy, Teresa changed the caption a few hours after the picture was posted to "Dinner with a great friend lots of laughs." What would be the need to take out the advice part? Something is fishy.

My theory is that Teresa's season nine storyline will be getting a divorce from Joe and starting to date. You can tell she is so over him and is ready to get under someone else. She's been sexually frustrated all season and I secretly want her to take it out on Frank Catania. I'm sure Dolores wouldn't mind!

What do you think about the shady post? Do you think that Teresa could be getting ready to divorce her husband? Sound off in the comments!

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