Joe & Melissa Gorga Are Pissed At Their "Shady" Restaurant Partners

Less than a year after Joe Gorga opened his own restaurant in honour of his late mother, they are shutting up shop and moving away.

Melissa spilled the tea on a The Morning Breath that the restaurant was insanely busy because of their fame and it was very overwhelming to handle. The reality star also confessed that her family had gotten into it with the original business partners and that there were some "shady" things going on.

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Her husband Joe, who doesn't officially own the restaurant or have any legal ties to it, feels duped by his shady business partners. Sources are telling Us Magazine that Joe never got the money he was owed.

The story gets worse because the restaurant was allegedly still capitalising off the Gorga name once they left the business and someone had to come and remove all the family photos from the location.

Joe, Melissa and Teresa have announced that after this debacle they are moving to a bigger and better location because they don't want to end this restaurant on a bad note. That will probably be their storyline next season as well.

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This whole thing seems very New Jersey to me. I think it is a pretty be coincidence that this tea broke days following their restaurant opening aired on the show and that the season finale is tonight. Shady boots!

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