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Teresa Giudice Dares Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita To Return To RHONJ

They say time heals all wounds but that's definitely not the case with these former besties.

In a new interview with E! News, table flipper Teresa Giudice was asked about the rumours that Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita could be returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey and she did not hold back.

Teresa said that she doesn't care if they come back or not, she never wants to be friends with them again, that they are evil people and said she that if she has to give them a piece of her mind, she will. Which is code for: I hate them but I want them on the show so that I can fight with them.

The reality star also said that Caroline and Jacqueline both need the money, calling Caroline a money hungry bitch and claimed that they hang around her friends to try and get on the show. Teresa sounds beyond delusional at this point. She kept saying that she never did anything to her former besties but DOES SHE REMEMBER SEASONS 3-5?

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Mrs Giudice also was claimed that when Caroline predicted her future by saying that she would write a memoir and divorce Joe Giudice if he went away, it was because she was involved with getting her sent to prison. What the fuck? Caroline made that prediction because she was smart not because she's was talking to the feds!

Teresa also said that Caroline is "low and mighty" which shows how many brain cells she has and reinforces why the Manzo's need to bring some intelligence back to the Garden State. She ended the interview by "daring" them to come back.

It's so obvious Teresa and her new fake friend Danielle Staub want these two OG's to come back so that they can settle their score from past seasons and create some manufactured drama for the viewers. Tre is talking trash about them in the media so that the producers will bring them back and it's so transparent.

Siggy Flicker has already quit the show so there is an open spot in the lineup. Instead of Bravo wasting their time to find new people, I say that they reinvest in some old ones and bring RHONJ back to the show that it used to be!

Watch Teresa's entire trash talking interview above!

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