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Kevin Lee Claims He Was Joking About Katie Maloney's Weight

Kevin Lee is clapping back after he fat shamed Katie Maloney on last night's Vanderpump Rules!

The celebrity party planner is claiming that he hadn't seen Katie in a while and thought that they were close enough for him to joke about her weight. He spilled the tea to Page Six that he was surprised when she had a negative reaction.

If you watched the episode or read my recap, you'd know that Katie burst into tears after he told her that she'd put on weight and talked about it to anyone that would listen.

This is exactly what Kevin said:

“You were much thinner than this. You gained a little bit of weight. You have to work on it. Seriously, I’m telling you as a friend. It’s out of control now. I can tell.”

How would you react if a civil acquaintance said that to you?

Kevin said he never meant to hurt Katie and that she is so sensitive these days. I'm sorry but when were Katie and Kevin friends? I must have missed that storyline. I think Kevin might think twice before talking about a woman's weight on national television again.

What do you think about Kevin's explanation?

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