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Was Mark Salling Murdered?

HOLY SHIT! I have been doing some deep diving into Crazy Days and Nights lately which provides me with all the cryptic tea I need.

According to blind items, Mark Salling's death a couple of weeks ago may have not actually been a suicide. The post claims that there was no note left and defensive wounds on his hands where he tried to fight off his attacker. The murder's alleged plan was to ensure that he wouldn't be found for weeks. But why would they need to stage a suicide?

This is where it gets JUICY. Mark was allegedly supposed to hand over a list of names to the police as apart of his plea deal for child porn. The site claims that an A list "mostly television actor" was worried about his name being on the list because many of Mark's illegal child porn photos came from his collection.

Apparently there was also an A list producer who was also tied to the case and had everything to lose from Mark handing his name over so he arranged for Mark to be murdered to make sure that he wouldn't be caught out.

The admin at Crazy Days and Nights haven't confirmed that the blind item was in fact about Mark Salling but it came out the day after his death and it coincides with what has been previously written about him on their site. But who could the actor and producer be?

Fans are speculating the "former A list mostly television actor" could be Ed Westwick. He was formerly on Gossip Girl and hasn't appeared on much else. The two were known to be friends and Mark's girlfriend was allegedly dumped by him after she told him that Ed had raped her.

As for the producer? Online people believe that it could be Ryan Murphy. He is arguably the biggest producer in the world right now and his career is blowing up. Mark starred on his show Glee so that could be when they both got involved in this underground child pornography world that CDAN is alleging.

This is all speculation that came from a shady blind item on the internet but in a weird way it makes sense. Why was there no note? And if he was going to hand over a list of names that could ruin the career of many men they why wouldn't they take a hit out on him to save themselves?!

What do you think? Do you believe this crazy theory?

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