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Blac Chyna's Sex Tape Partner's Identity Has Been Revealed And He's Pissed!

We finally know who that BCC belongs to!

On Monday Blac Chyna's revenge porn got leaked and she took no time to get lawyered up and complain to the police about the leak. Fans believed that the mystery man in the 1 minute and 23 second clip could have been behind the leak but that's not the case.

The man in the video, Mechie, confirmed that it was in fact his dick that was in Chyna's mouth. Mechie was pissed when the footage was released and claims that the tape was only on Chyna's phone and he has no idea how it was released. Maybe Chyna did leak it herself? The pair apparently haven't spoken since August when they split.

You may remember him as the guy that was in the video with Blac Chyna that Rob Kardashian posted on Instagram last year, after she sent him the clip of them together to taunt him.

Ring any bells?

Mechie has also sent a complaint to the police in hope that the leakers will be found. How funny would if be if the video leak led right back to Chyna's camp. I wouldn't be surprised if they leaked the tape for some extra fame, I mean what else is she gonna do.

What do you think about this MESSY situation? Sound off in the comments!

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