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Shade of the Week: Fergie

What a fucking mess!

I’m not even sure if there are words to describe Fergie’s recent performance of the national anthem at the NBA All Star’s Game. I guess she tried to put her own spin on the tune, but you can’t do that. You have to stand there, be serious and belt out it out in a classy way without fucking it up or trying to make it your own. I mean even Lady GaGa’s been able to sing it normally.

It's almost like she's getting strangled, beaten and sexually aroused all at the same time. It's sexy but torturous at the same time!

Fergie trying to put her own unique take on the song mixed with the fact that she was trying WAY too hard, was the perfect equation for her to look like an asshat. Obviously she’ll bounce back and it’s just a funny meme that the internet will remember until Trump threatens to bomb another small country, but it was fun while it lasted.

Check out her infamous rendition of The Stars Spangled Banner in the video below and check out the shade the players are throwing at her with their smirks!


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