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Patricia Altschul Befriends Kathryn Dennis To Get Back At Thomas Ravenel

If only there was this much Southern Charm drama on camera instead of off.

All About The Tea is reporting that Patricia Altschul has allegedly befriended her arch rival Kathryn Dennis in a bid to get back at Thomas Ravenel who she started feuding with after he broke up with a woman that she had set him up with.

Patricia supposedly set Thomas up with her friend Luzanne Otte and the two dated for a while. However the politician turned felon ditched her for his new boo Ashley Jacobs, who will be featured on the upcoming season, and Luzanne wasn't happy.

The scorned woman apparently took over Patricia's fan account on Instagram and started a smear campaign against Ashley, alleging that she was a gold digging whore. Patricia is closely aligned with Luzanne and has used her to help bash Ashley and Thomas on social media through her shady fan page. An insider close to Thomas allegedly had this to say:

“Thomas is sad and angry at Patricia. He believes that she’s complicit in the mess. He’s disappointed that she appears on board with her account being used to target and malign his girlfriend. He’s questioning her integrity, and believes all trust is gone.”

The account that was previously used to bash Kathryn has changed their tune on Thomas' baby mama because she is set to go up against Ashley in the new season. Kathryn being an enemy of the couple has caused Patricia to side with her, which is even more of a dig to Thomas.

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Kathryn has famously feuded with Patricia have ever since she ditched her son Whitney to be with Thomas. While the two have given shady digs at each other, they have never actually had a fight on camera, or even been in the same room. Pat's main hatred towards Kathryn was due to her "drug fuelled rages" behind the scenes, but since Kathryn's rehab visit, Patricia has a new found respect for the mother of two, according to her fan account.

Mr Ravenel has confirmed the beef and stated that he's “deeply saddened and disappointed with Patricia’s recent actions." Rumour has it that Patricia and Luzanne are conducting a plan to take Thomas down at the upcoming reunion, that is if Pat actually shows up this year.

Are these GROWN adults really feuding over social media? This is so petty. Why would Patricia make an enemy out of Thomas just because of some scorned bimbo? This is becoming a full blown war but in true southern tradition it will be conducted with a pile of sneaky shade, because that's what Miss Altschul does best.

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