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The Shade Was Very REAL When The RHOBH Appeared On WWHL

After a very stale season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills it seems that a visit to Andy Cohen's Los Angeles Watch What Happens Live clubhouse managed to bring them back from the dead and make them actually provide entertainment when they appear on TV.

During the WWHL After Show a fan asked the ladies to make taglines for each other and Lisa Vanderpump revealed the fact that she had previously told Lisa Rinna to "Go back to selling dusters and diapers" during the show.

Well, Shade Queen Rinna clapped back and said:

"And guess what, honey? Guess what? Do you know how much I've made on those dusters and diapers? A lot more than your restaurants I'm sure."

And THAT is why she is my favourite Beverly Hills Housewife. Thank god she finally put LVP and tired jokes back in their place. The rest of the cast, Andy and the audience were all shook by Rinna's comments and it was obvious that she had won the shade war.

Along with that shade, a fan also asked Dorito Kemsley (shade not autocorrect) what glass is the best to use with cocaine. OH MY FUCKING GOD! I was on the floor when I heard that very, very shady comment.

In case you haven't been keeping up, that question was inreference to Dorito's OCD about what glass she drinks out of and Lisa Rinna asking her if people did cocaine in her bathroom. Dorito did clap back by calling the fan a sour patch and told her "I wonder why your son's having trouble getting married," after she tried to set Andy up with her son.

This single episode of WWHL was better than the entire season of RHOBH, let's just hope that they bring their shade game to the show for season nine.


What do you think of the epic shade that was thrown? Sound off in the comments!

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