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Shade of the Week: Kim Zolciak

I was always taught never to speak ill of the dead but after Kim Zolciak-Biermann's epic funeral on Sunday night I think I can make an exception.

This is Wig's second shade because I need to provide you guys with an update on my feelings about Miss Zolciak's latest behaviour. After this entire season and the iconic third instalment of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 10 reunion AKA the execution and/or funeral of everyone's favourite low down monkey in a wig, it's pretty clear that Kim is the same negative, life sucking, vortex of energy that she was when she left the show five years ago.

I was excited when it was announced that Kim would be returning to the show to mix it up with the ebony queens of Bravo, but from the moment she appeared in front of the cameras at NeNe's house, she had a bad attitude. Yes, Kim has her own spinoff but after seeing her interact with other people on an ensemble show, you can tell why she was sequestered to only film with her family and a house full of paid workers. Cigarette breath thought she was better than all the women and tried to be the "cool" girl all season long.

Whether it was Octomom talking shit about all the women, claiming that Kandi wanted to eat her box, saying that Kenya's husband wasn't real, taking photos of NeNe's car in handicapped parking or sending a roach video to all the ladies, she did anything but make friends this season and made it pretty clear that she was just a bitch that everyone eventually got tired off.

It's always great when a bunch of powerful women can come together with a common cause and that happened when they destroyed Kim and her party city wigs on that reunion stage. NeNe, Kenya, Kandi and even Miss Cynthia Bailey let Kim know what time it was and CHECKED her for the horrible shit talking that she had done for an entire season. When she was finally confronted with the truth, Miss Wig denied saying and the doing the things she was accused of - even though it was on tape of her saying and doing those exact things. It's called gaslighting and she's giving Queen Gaslighter of Bravo Dorito Kemsley a run for her money. She also has a knack for bringing up someone's family and then getting offended when someone brings up her own. If your family is off limits, then so is everyone else's.

Even after watching Wig get destroyed on that reunion stage, she could have gone home to her Uber driver and 75 kids, and just called it a day. But no. Kim cried in the bathroom with Andy Cohen about all the negativity, when the Big Bravo Boss had to remind her that the questions were only negative because her storyline this season had nothing positive. What you put into life is what you get out of it. Kim continued to flap those big old lips of hers and uttered the dumbest and most ignorant line, maybe, ever:

“They already tried to claim that shit (racism) long ago. Nobody bought into it then because the social media wasn’t there and racism wasn’t fucking all that real. You know it.”​​

I don't even need to shade that. It shades itself. Has the bitch never heard of slavery or the civil rights movement or Martin Luther King or anything ever. I truly don't believe that Wig and her trailer park family are racist but that was just a dumb thing to say. No one would even think Kim was racist if she just admitted that saying NeNe having roaches could be considered to be racist, however instead she reiterated the same dumb line of "I've never seen colour!" No one's asking her to see colour, they're just asking her not to be a fucktard and admit how some people could view her behaviour as racist.

Her dumb husband/Uber driver also needs to let her know when she is wrong and not enable her ignorant ways. Instead, he just sits in his car with his freshly made-up face and gets mad at any Housewife, producer, cameraman, person, creature that dares to say that his tupperware container of a wife is wrong - and I'm sick of it. Nobody in Kim's life tells her that she's wrong because the only people in her life are either her Uber driver, kids or paid workers. No wonder she doesn't have any friends because if she did - it would be the season ten reunion every day!

After the initial beatdown on Sunday, Wig's week only got worse. Her former lesbian lover spoke out about her lies and racist behaviour and even her "friend" Chrissy Teigan claimed that she wasn't really her actual friend.

As for Wig, she has been silent on social media and hasn't commented at all since the episode aired. She's currently filming her spinoff Don't Be Tardy but after all the backlash, is there anyone left who will actually watch her dumb little show? Hopefully, Bravo cut their losses and just cancel KKKim's spinoff because when Andy Cohen even steps in to roast you, you're done in my opinion.

Her second slave Sheree even climbed out of her ass during the reunion and sat on the couch quiet as a mouse while her white friend was getting dragged by her cheap wig. Wig has no connection to the group now that She by Sheree isn't coming back, so it isn't surprising that Bravo fired her wannabe black ass. The show has closed the chapter that was Wig's time on the show and thank god for that. Let's just HOPE that her skincare line really did make $15 million because she's going to need some kind of income to fund her and Brielle's plastic surgery addiction.


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