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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's Baby Mama Accuses Him Of Cheating (Again)

The hardest thing about this ongoing hot mess express is finding pictures to add to these articles because these two have more messy tea than photos together!

Under a month ago Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his baby mama Jen Harley had an epic war on social media where they both accused each other of cheating and doing drugs before they physically fought on her Instagram live. You just can't make this mess up. Since then the couple reconciled, then broke up last week and now it looks like they are back at odds after Jen went HAM on her Instagram story to call out Ronnie's bad behaviour.

The mother-of-two posted a SERIES of recipets that accused (and showed) her baby daddy cheating on her on several occasions. It appears that Jen stole his phone and went through his messages with heaps of girls who he was either chatting with of fucking. Let me break this down by girl because there is a lot of tea to dissect.

Apparently during Ronnie's apperance in DC he met a cocktail waitress at Decades named Kara and began texting her. The THOT then posted a video of her in a bathingsuit with the caption "Vegas in 2 days" which Ronnie liked and Jen commented "can't wait whore."

The video was posted five days ago which is funny because Jen revealed Ronnie hadn't been home in three days and was posting old photos of their baby to make it look like he was with her, while he was with his side hoe. Which is fucking hilarious and oh so juicy. Obviously Ron just ran off with Kara and went MIA.

A messy fan even DMed Jen to let her know:

It gets juicer because Jen somehow got a hold of Ron and Kara's text messages and exposed the fuck out of their cheating ways. Reciepts below:

Although Ronnie is (allegedly) with Kara now and has been for the last THREE days, she isn't the only girl he's been hitting up since he was supposed to be committed to Jen and their baby.

The next girl (s) who he was chatting up were Paris and Bambi. Are you noticing the stripper name theme? One of them even said that if she was his girl she'd say his behaviour is “Just Ron being Ron” and the other congratulated him on having a baby - days after she was getting ready to fuck him.

Holy fuck, but it doesn't stop there. The French Fry that Ronnie cheated with in the bathroom on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, actually DMed Jen her conversation with him and it was full of tea. She claimed they only kissed, he wanted to meet her without cameras around, asked her to take care of his baby, and wants to have HER baby. Isn't one baby's mother enough for him?

What the fuck. Ron just needs to not have sex - ever again.

Of course Jen took the rant off her Instagram story shortly after, but she still gave us ALL the tea. Not only did she expose the girl he's spent the last three days with in Vegas but she spilled the tea about his French Fry hookup AND showed us the other girls he was texting. There's so much evidence against him he can't NOT be guilty.

Honestly, I feel bad for Jen because he continued to cheat even after they tried to work things out but there's probably more to the story and after Ron gets out of Kara, I'm sure he'll head straight to his Instagram story and attack his baby mama.

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