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Heather Locklear Hospitalised For Overdose Following Arrest

It's been a big 24 hours.

Following her second arrest for police battery after Heather Locklear punched an officer and kicked an EMT, she was bailed out of jail for $20,000 and returned home.

Just hours after she was back in her Thousand Oaks home, TMZ is reporting that the police got ANOTHER call that she had tried to overdose. The paramedics rushed to her house and she is now being hospitalised. After she was bailed out it appeared Heather would return to rehab for the second time in three months but following her overdose she's now getting the help she needs.

In under 24 hours Heather assaulted a police officer, got arrested, bailed out, attempted to overdose and is now in hospital. This is beyond sad.

This comes after she was put on a psychatric evaluation last week due to her choking both her parents and threatening to kill herself because she believed her fiance was cheating on her. This sounds like a storyline from one of her 90's soap operas! If this isn't anything else let it be lesson, don't do drugs kids!

What do you think of this sad situation? Sound off in the comments!

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