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Joe Giudice Will Officially Be Deported After Prison Sentence

Juicy Joe's time on American soil is limited.

It's official the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is working to deport Joe Giudice from the United States back to Italy after his 41-month prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud charges. Obviously, Teresa voting for Trump and competing on Celebrity Apprentice hasn't helped her husband's deportation status and she probably needs to pull a Kim Kardashian if she wants her man to stay in the country.

Their lawyer denied the deportation claims saying "no judicial authority has made any decision," however an official for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review told RadarOnline:

"Records show that an immigration judge ordered Mr. Giudice removed from the United States on March 14, 2018."

So yes, a judicial authority has made a decision.

The reality star applied for a cancellation of removal and filed a motion to terminate the order in May of this year and according to the same source both requests are pending. He most recently attended a hearing at Pennsylvania’s Allenwood prison about the legal matter on June 2o. As of right now he is leaving the country once his sentence is up and I can't see the judge reversing the decision.

Joe is allegedly in denial over the matter with sources stating:

“He’s convinced he’s not getting deported. He says it’s not going to happen.”

Teresa has always avoided answering questions of whether or not her husband will be deported, her responses have ranged from infamously storming off an Access Hollywood interview when asked to most recently saying "I love Italian food" when Andy Cohen brought the topic up at the latest reunion.

There's no way that Teresa is going to pack up her kids and head back to Italy with her husband, especially because you can tell how done with him she's become since he's been in jail. Her whole storyline on season eight of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was being mad at her husband and being sexually frustrated. She's not going anywhere. Maybe the kids will just spend their summers with him in Italy?

Do you think he should be deported? Will Teresa go with him? Sound off in the comments!

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