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Billie Lee Attacks Vanderpump Rules Costars, Claims She Was Excluded From Event

Don't be fooled, Bille Lee is ecstatic with this because it means more camera time.

As many of you know, Vanderpump Rules is currently taping it's seventh season and it looks like there will be lots of drama when the Sexy Unique SURvers return later this year. Last week James Kennedy attacked Kristen Doute in a Twitter rant after she claimed he cheats on his girlfriend Raquel, and now everyone with a vagina on that show is the subject of another Twitter feud.

The girls were organising a "Girls Night In" at SUR and Brittany Cartwright posted the event and included everyone except the new trans SURver Bille Lee in her post, however, Scheana Shay did include the LGBT employee in her IG post who even commented on the post saying: "Thanks babe for including me in GIRLS night. #transisbeautiful I appreciate you always supporting me and my community.

Then THREE HOURS after she had already thanked Scheana for the invite she popped off on Twitter claming she hadn't been invited or included in the "Girls" event when she was working and implied it was due to her being transgender.

The other girls defended themselves by Kristen saying:

Katie Maloney also jumped in and confirmed that EVERYONE was welcome to attend:

HOURS LATER after much of the mess had subsided she took to Instagram to post some weird close up photo with a caption that implied she was still trying to milk this beef for as long as possibe. Tom Schwartz even stepped in to call her "melodramatic," which was the perfect word for this fucking weird post.

She wasn't included in the planning. So what? What does it have to do with her? If she's still working she can attend and she was even tagged in Scheana's post so I'm confused what her beef is. Everyone accepts her for being trans and that's never been an issue so she shouldn't be playing that card now because it's hard to come back from that once you call someone transphobic.

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All this is going to do is give Bille Lee a reason to be relevant for the new season and let her stir up some drama in the group so that she can be on camera more than she was in her very boring first season. This is a reach if I've ever seen one.

UPDATED: Stassi even added her two cents on the matter and spilled some tea that Billie has been rude to the other girls and THAT was why she wasn't included in the planning of the event. So at least we know it's because she's a bitch and not that she used to have a penis. We'll definitely see this play out next season:

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments!

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