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Is Andy Cohen The Next #MeToo Scandal?

I just hope this doesn't affect the Housewives franchise.

Through hosting Watch What Happens Live and every Bravo shows reunion Andy Cohen became the resident, lovable gay guy who gave us the Housewives, rompers and was partly responsible for changing Bravo as a network but behind his on screen apperance is he actually an asshole?

Kathy Griffin claimed he offered her cocaine twice before she was set to go on WWHL and posted a vague story a fan had sent her about having sex with Andy and hinting it was not consensual after he was in that douchy TMZ video where he tried but failed to pull a Mariah Carey. Now the blind item website Crazy Days And Nights are adding to his bad reputation by releasing a new post which fans believe has Andy's name all over it. The post reads:

Let's break this down. Andy is a self proclaimed name dropper, gay and a late night host. The description matches other CDAN blind items which have been revealed to be Andy. He also has many celebrity friends which the post refers to so it could be him they are talking about. People also believed it could be James Corden.

Last year another blind item was revealed that Andy would cheat with "confused but willing" guys in thes torage unit of his apartment.

Normally blind items aren't very reliable, however, CDAN exposed Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer and other men for their sexual misconduct long before women came out with their #MeToo stories in the main stream media, so it is a good source due to their previous blind items which turned out to be true.

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Obviously I love Bravo and I don't want this to be true but according to the previous tea which I've been sipping on I wouldn't be surprised if this all came out about Andy. The only thing I doubt about this is that it took this long to come out, wouldn't the men have backed on when Kathy posted the story about him? Maybe he's been using his Bravo money to keep them quiet...

Do you believe it? Sound off in the comments.

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