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Quad Webb-Lunceford Admits To Stealing From Husband

Hey, at least she's honest!

After filing for divorce earlier this year it seems Quad Webb-Lunceford's marriage is going to be the hottest topic on the upcoming season of Married To Medicine. In the sixth season's trailer it's alleged Miss Quad stole her husband's furniture from their home, and now she's copping to it!

In new court documents, successfully obtained by, her soon-to-be ex-husband Dr Greg Lunceford is asking the court for a motion of contempt claiming Quad moved "pre-martial" furniture from their residence without his knowledge or consent.

He stated on May 14th Miss Quad willfully violated the Automatic Domestic Standing Order after she showed up to their home with movers and "took master bedroom furniture, washer & dryer, dining room set, light fixtures, living room furniture, two TVs and basement furniture."

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However, always a woman with a plan, Quad finally retaliated through legal documents saying she did not break the Automatic Domestic Standing Order and was fully entitled to take furniture from her husband's home. Her legal team stated in court records (Quad is petitioner, Greg is respondent):

"Petitioner denies each and every allegation in paragraph 4 of Respondent’s Motion. Petition further states that the Automatic Domestic Standing Order, cited and relied up by Respondent in his Motion, prohibits the parties from ‘disposing or removing any property from Fulton County, any of the property belonging to the parties."

According to the documents, Quad WAS allowed to remove the items from the house, however, only if they remained somewhere in Fulton County and the Standing Order only prohibited her from moving it anywhere outside of the county. The legal team continued stating:

"Respondent’s argument fails to recognize that the Sanding Order does not prohibit removal of any, or even all, of the parities property from the marital residence; it only prohibits removal of any, or even all, of the parties’ property from the marital residence; it only prohibits its removal from Fulton County. Ostensibly, Petition was and remains free to empty the entire marital residence so long as she does not remove the property from Fulton County or dispose of it. It is undisputed that Petitioner relocated some of her personal possessions and furniture from the marital residence to her new home Sandy Springs, Fulton County, Georgia."

Quad also wants her husband to pay HER legal fees associated with bringing this particular case to court. It seems like this divorce is a long way from over with all those furniture stealing nonsense but at least Quad had the receipts which allowed her steal her furniture back and keep it.

This is one hot mess of a divorce we are sure to have a front row seat for when Married To Medicine returns September 2nd 8/7c on Bravo.

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments!

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