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Kourtney Kardashian's Ex Younes Bendjima Brutally Attacks Man

Well, he is a boxer!

A new video has emerged from March 24 of Younes Bendjima savagely beating the shit out of another man while all his friends stood by and watched. TMZ is reporting the group was leaving through the back of a nightclub when an employee started "mouthing off" and "talking smack" to them.

It's unknown what he said but it angered Kourtney Kardashian's boy toy at the time who clearly punches him in the head SEVERAL times, really hard. Another member of the group attacked him before Younes got a few more shots in. Drake and Odell Beckham Jr watched the fight take place.

The employee later filed a police report but then decided against it and did not pursue the matter. Now that this video has been leaked he has the perfect civil case because he could get serious coin from this situation.

Violence is never the answer and clearly it was Younes trying to show off in front of a group of famous men and step away from his title as "Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend" and into a new one of a wannabe gangster. WATCH THE FOOTAGE ABOVE!

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