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Lisa Vanderpump Feuding With RHOBH Cast

Are you ready for another season of everyone vs LVC?

After Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne took to Instagram Live to spill the tea about a cast member hiding in her dressing room and refusing to take photos with the group during a cast shoot, it's been confirmed it was Lisa Vanderpump because all the girls were seen together online and Us Weekly is now reporting she's at odds with the majority of the cast.

The source claimed:

“They did a cast shoot for the new promo shots and Lisa wanted to shoot separately and do hair and makeup separately.”

The source also claims LVP is feuding with Dorito Kemsley and Teddi Mellencamp, which is only following typical protocol of her Pump Puppies turning on her in their sophomore season after they realise her manipulative ways.

Dorito and her beef does stem from that Vanderpump Dog beef, where the adopted dog bit Dorito's children so she gave it to a friend who gave it to another shelter without telling her and LVC brought it up on camera which made the accent confused housewife feel betrayed:

“There was a situation with Dorit and a puppy, but what hasn’t been talked about is that the puppy was biting Dorit’s kids.”

Kyle, Rinna and Erika have all feuded with LVC over being manipulative and someone who can give it but can't take it in the past, so it's no surprise the newer ladies jumped on board.

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Us is also claiming all the ladies have become involved in the beef and no one is really on Lisa Vanderpump's side. Normally Kyle always posts a collage of every lady on their birthday but the OG didn't post anything for her "best friends" birthday. We already knew they were only made-for-TV friends but if she didn't post anything during filming then they obviously aren't getting along.

LVC hasn't done anything for the last two seasons so let's hope this either makes her bring something to the table or leave the show for good because she is duller than a butter knife.

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