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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro And His Baby Mama Are It Again And They Are Going HARD


We knew it wouldn't last.

After Ronnie Ortiz-Magro accused his baby mama Jen Harley of giving him a black eye all hell is breaking loose on their Instagram stories as they are both posting dirt they have on each other - and like usual, it is getting ugly.

Jen seemingly started this round when she posted a video claiming Ronnie and his aunt wanted to fight her because she wanted to come collect their child. She claimed she only showed it because she's tired of being blamed for being violent. Take a look at the video of them trying to "fight her" and HER calling the police below:

In retailation, Ronnie then took to HIS Instagram story (eye roll) and showed video evidence of their baby Ariana Sky and Jen's 10-year-old kid at home alone in the morning while she was still out. He claimed he only had the baby because she STILL isn't home around 6.30am and her son is there alone until 9.30am. Take a look below:

He then posted a screenshot of his conversation with Jen, where she's titled fakest, (he couldn't think of a better name?) where she is blackmailing him:

After this mess Ronnie then (it just doesn't end) posted to his Instagram feed, changing it up this time, a video of him and Jen VERY INTOXICATED talking about a dead dog where you can hear and partially see her abusing him with the caption: "Tons of lies goin around!! Listen to the background you can hear the assault with a weapon and hands!!! #BatteredMen #MenLiveMatter #AbuseOrNah."

Take a look at THAT video below!

Where does child protective services get involved? I'm confused. If she's dragged him with a car that her daughter was in and there is SEVERAL pieces of video evidence of this fuckery, why haven't the government stepped in?

To me, it seems like Jen was out with her girlfriends while Ronnie was at home with his aunt looking after the baby. She drunkenly tried to pick their daughter up but they (rightfully) didn't let her which made her post her stuff and Ronnie retailiated. That's all for so far, but keep checking back for updates on this complete and utter fuckery.

UPDATE #1: Ronnie transitioned over to Snapchat to change up his usual routine. He said "Just done" and "Should I start making merchandise." The answer is yes. Ronnie may as well get some coin out of this because all he's gotten so far is a fuck tonne of bad memories and injuries.

UPDATE #2: Jen started posting her text messages with Ronnie to her story but whited out a bunch of the writing. I'm not sure what she's trying to prove because the only thing I can see is that Ronnie is repeating the cycle of abuse by wanting her back.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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