Thomas Ravenel Suing Bravo Amid Ugly Custody Battle With Kathryn Dennis

This is getting uglier than Trashley's personality.

The court documents in Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel's custody battle over their two children have been revealed and there are so many juicy allegations in BOTH their claims. I'm strictly #TeamKathryn and any judge who watched the show could see she deserves sole custody over a rapist.

Kathryn filed for sole/primary custody of their two children which initiated the battle. In her documents, according to PEOPLE and Us Weekly, she claimed he relies on nannies to take care of his children (which we've seen on the show), has a personality disorder, mixes alcohol and prescription pills while taking care of their minor kids and has “periods of impulsive and uncontrollable bouts of anger” and “extreme narcissism and anger management problems."

The mother-of-two also stated he ADMITTED to raping Nanny Dawn, which he was recently arrested over, in several emails and texts and spoke about apologising to his victim which further proves why he shouldn't have custody. In her claim, Kathryn also said Thomas encouraged his girlfriend Ashley Jacobs to target her during filming Southern Charm, which is also VERY obvious.

Everything Kathryn has stated we've basically seen on the show so it isn't too much of a surprise.

Of course, in Thomas' counterclaim he is denying EVERYTHING, as per usual, and went on to accuse his baby mama of several allegations. He claimed she used fake urine to pass drug tests, she hasn't paid him child support (which is weird because he has more money) and is only seeking custody for a storyline on her reality show.

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As well as having a custody battle, Thomas is also suing Bravo. He claims there is footage of Kathryn discussing their legal drama on the show's sixth season and wants it removed. In the lawsuit, Thomas is asking the judge to not allow Kathryn to talk about their custody battle on the show and does not want their children to be allowed to film the show. He also stated she was encouraged to pursue full custody by producers for storyline purposes.

Fuck, not only is he going after Kathryn but Bravo too. The producers probably did push her to file for sole custody but she should have it anyway because, you know, he's a rapist? I hope he loses the suit because we definitely need to see this messy situation play out on TV.

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