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Faith Stowers Allegedly Slept With Someone Else's Boyfriend On Vanderpump Rules

This is SO juicy!

SUR's former resident hoe Faith Stowers was the main source of drama last season on Vanderpump Rules after she recorded herself having sex with her friend's boyfriend Jax Taylor while the elderly woman she was looking after slept in the adjacent bed. If that's not reality TV gold I don't know what is.

Now, Faith's cousin started commenting on new sneak peeks for the show's seventh season on YouTube and she is spilling ALL the tea.

According to her cousin Sandy Shay, Faith was never allowed to share her story because the show has a "race issue" and LVP blocked her from appearing on the show because she was black. Apart from pulling the race card, she revealed Jax and Faith had been having sex long before Brittany Cartwright even moved from Kentucky and were fuck buddies for years with SEVERAL audio and visual tapes of them together.

On top of this tea, she also claimed Faith has slept with the boyfriend of someone else who is currently on the show. Schwartz? Sandoval? Whoever it is must have been praying their name wasn't brought up all last season. Apparently, Faith has given James Kennedy the tapes of her and Jax fucking. He's currently in the middle of an insane feud with the entire cast so let's hope he brings them out and gives us all the juiciness we deserve.

Of course, this could all be bullshit but if even a third of this is true it could destroy multiple relationships on the show. Do we think the tapes will drop before Jax and Brittany's impending wedding?

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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