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Shahs Of Sunset Season 7 Reunion Fashion Roundup!

I'm obsessed with the Shahs serving opulence only Persians can do. You know I love a theme and this reunion's is MJ's wedding. The set is beautiful with gold accents as a mini replica of her big day and everybody managed to look hot and healthy. For a group of hard partiers who are pushing 40, these Persians know how to pull it together and this is one of those rare reunions where everyone actually managed to look the way they should. Check out our ranking of the reunion looks below:

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6. Golnesa Gharachedaghi

GG is stunning and she looks great in this very booby floral dress, however, in a group full of sparkles and bright colours her outfit is the least interesting. It looks like she's attending a spring wedding, which I guess is the theme but it's so underwhelming and reminds me of a PTA mother who tried to glam it up as the chaperone for the middle school's dance. She's beautiful and her hair has just the right amount of bounce but she definitely could've done better. It's just not an exciting look and that's what you need to do at a reunion, especially a Shahs one. Better luck next year?

5. Nema Vand

Even the whitewashed kid on the block managed to pull it together for the end of season sit down. Whatever Nema has done to his sagging face in the offseason has worked (maybe makeup?) and he looks well rested and healthy. His outfit is cute with a floral top to match Golnesa and a navy suit which looks like he's attending his bar mitzvah, he's really proving he's more than GG's butt plug. No one's denying that Nema looks great but male fashion is always hard to rate and in a group of over the top flamboyant risk takers, his look is the safest.

4. Mike Shouhed

Mixed sex reunions are always hard to rate because male fashion is more basic, however, the Shahs know how to spice things up. Mike's chequered blue suit is a great bold colour and his sexy open shirt manages to distract us from the extreme botox and bronzer going on with his face. Is he even wearing eyeliner? Mike looks like a butch Princess Jasmine and it should definitely be his next Halloween costume. I'm also glad the Jew of the group is staying true to his heritage with this blue and white outfit. Mazel! For someone who parties with THOTs as hard as Mike, he looks great even if most of his Bravo paycheck goes towards Sephora.

3. Mercedes Javid

MJ is a queen. She's the Persian Erika Jayne, she has a team of gays following her around to boost her ego at all times, has more wigs than an Atlanta Housewife and tries to give us lewks in any situation. Mercedeh looks like an Oscar in this shimmery gold gown that shows off her body and her exciting baby bump. Her gold jewellery looks amazing and her hair is the perfect length. This was MJ's season. She griefed the loss of her dad, got married and ended it announcing her pregnancy while looking like a Toddlers & Tiaras contestant. You can't top that.

2. Reza Farahan

Reza's goal was to embody a gay Middle Eastern dictator from the 70s with this look and he delivered. Reza looks like he's about to declare nuclear war on his neighbouring country and then do a few lines of coke and/or cock. This is his second reunion without the moustache by his side and with the lack of flamboyancy on Reza's face from his furry little friend being absent, his peach gay suit more than makes up for. Reza reminds me of a Persian Liberace which is the ultimate compliment because that queen had coin. He looks great though so whatever he's injecting in his face or not eating, keep it up.

​1. Destiney Rose

Destiney Hope Rose looks like sex in this stunning dress. No, her middle names not Hope but who doesn't love a Miley Cyrus reference? This dress clings to Destiney's body in just the right places with that a sexy leg slit. She looks like a young skinny Persian Elizabeth Taylor with diamonds dripping all over her body in this old Hollywood glam look, however, I think Destiney needs to sit on a few more dicks and get a few more rocks to keep up with Liz. I can't fault this look from the dress​ to the hair to the makeup. Destiney looks like a goddess and is proving this is the perfect reunion style by looking both subtle and over the top. Salamati!

Shahs Of Sunset airs Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our exclusive tea and shady recaps on the flossiest Persians in LA.

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