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Tiffany Hendra Says Brandi Redmond Lied About Her During RHOD Reunion

The TRUE TEA is out there now.

During The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion which aired last Wednesday, Brandi Redmond alleged that LeeAnne Locken's lifelong friend and past cast member Tiffany Hendra told her she's never seen the resident carny go to therapy and claimed she called it bullshit.

I love when an ex-Housewife is brought up during a reunion but I love it, even more, when they clap back about being mentioned through the wonders of social media.

Tiffany responded to Brandi's claims by saying she hasn't spoken to the ex-cheerleader turned shit stirrer (my words, not hers) in two years and is proud of her friend for continuing to attend therapy.

Saying Tiffany told her something about LeeAnne is a pretty aggressive and random lie to make up on TV, so either Tiffany told her something years ago and Brandi is twisting it or one of these women is blatantly lying. I guess we just have to wait for Brandi's reaction because we know it's coming.

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