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Roger Mathews Wants To Be On Jersey Shore Next Season

Would you guys watch this?

Following their restraining order drama, Roger Mathews is allegedly in talks with MTV to appear on the next season of Jersey Shore in order to tell his side of the story and not let his soon-to-be ex-wife change the narrative in front of the media. Exes showing up on their ex's reality shows to talk shit about them is always messy.

According to Us Weekly, he isn't even asking to be paid and only wants to tell his side of the story on camera. Roger, even if you do film scenes, the network and producers are always going to have JWOWW's back through the wonders of editing. I'm not saying either side is right or wrong but editing can completely change a situation:

“Roger has been contacting MTV to be on season 3. He’s been calling them for the last week. He’s not asking to be paid, his only intentions are to film and give his side of what’s going on with Jenni,” a source explains. “He’s offering to give his side of the story and that he’ll reveal the truth between him and Jenni.”

The source said his reasons for appearing on the show are only to villainise Jenni rather than speaking the truth:

“He’s on a smear campaign for Jenni right now. He has no other avenue to get his message out,” a source claims. “He’s sitting on his social media airing out his dirty laundry and is trying to tell whoever else will listen.”

Ultimately, it's apparently JWOWW's decision whether or not her husband will appear on her reality show and although it would be good for ratings, what reality star would ever allow their disgruntled ex to come onto their show to talk shit about them?

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