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Lala Kent Shades James Kennedy's Mother

Shots fired!

After Monday night's dramatic Vanderpump Rules episode which featured DJ James Kennedy's mother pleading with LVP to keep her son's job and defending his shitty behaviour towards women, Lala Kent took to her Instagram story to throw some major shade at not only James but the womb we came out of.

The reality star turned singer posted a clip of the scene where his mother is saying women provoke him and that it's not his fault if he is disgusting to them with the caption "Is this for real? Did this woman actually raise someone?"

Holy fucking shit.

Shots are beyond fired. James' mother made everything about his faulty personality make sense and now I completely understand why he is the way he is.

I'm sure it won't be long before James calls Lala a slut or something on Twitter for her post in retaliation, but as his mother would say, he was provoked.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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