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James Kennedy's Mother's Letter To Vanderpump Rules Fans Is WILD

This woman needs to be a Housewife!

The internet had A LOT to say about James Kennedy's mother after she appeared on a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules where she pleaded with Lisa Vanderpump to let her son keep his job at CUNT Night, even Lala Kent got involved in the online shit talking.

Now the woman herself, Jacqueline Georgiou is sounding off on the situation.

In a letter posted to her Instagram, Jacqueline claims she didn't know what happened between James and Katie Maloney when she was filming, however, even after watching the episodes she still thinks he shouldn't have been fired because Katie commented on his shorts first and he clapped back, only for her to pull the feminist card.

Jackie does have a point. Yeah, I know it's Jacqueline but I feel we've moved past that stage in our friendship through the TV with her.

She also said Kristen Doute and Hope harassed him at work (which is true) and didn't fail to throw in the fact how Kristen has previously "beat the shit" out of her son. These are all valid points but LVP's point was that even if these women come for him, he can't respond the way he does.

Jac also said anyone with half a brain should know what she meant by calling Lisa a mother figure (is that shade to LVP?) and also threw in the fact how Raquel Leviss is constantly verbally abused. Everyone on reality TV is verbally abused, it's in the job description, so if Bambi doesn't like it she can get out.

James' mother really is something else and somebody needs to hand her a diamond or at least a cubic zirconia.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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