Kristen Doute Revealed James Kennedy's Mother Stole From Her & Robbed A Bank

This is wild.

Following James Kennedy's mother's (questionable?) appearance on last week's Vanderpump Rules episode and her recent open letter to the cast, I decided to do some digging back through the Vanderpump archives when I remembered Kristen Doute had once revealed this same woman not only robbed a bank years ago but also stole from her once.

Back in 2016, Kristen appeared on The Bitch Bible podcast where she told the story of how James' mother, Jacqueline Georgiou, had once drunkenly told her how she had robbed a bank.

According to Kristen, the story was that when the family had first moved to America they were living in Maine with Jacqueline, oh fuck let's call her Jackie, Jackie's sister because they had financial troubles. Jackie was working at a bank and when her coworker went into labour the bank erupted into hysteria so she found her moment and stole $28K from an open vault and soon after the family moved to Beverly Hills.

My mouth is on the floor. Not only could I totally see this woman doing this but it makes me like her more and she got away with it.

That's not all. Kristen also revealed that not only does Jackie steal from banks, but also from her son's girlfriends. When she was still regrettably dating James, Kristen was looking over her bank statements and saw a large amount of money had been spent at a medspa on Botox, which was a different one than where Kristen had gotten her own Botox done.

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So she called the store and they had her card on record but not her name when the receptionist revealed "Yeah, you called and booked an appointment for your sister Jacqueline and paid in advance" which was when everything clicked into place and she realised his mother must've taken a photo of her card. Jackie denied it before finally admitting it and she and James paid Kristen back in installments over six months for this $400 purchase.

This is WILD information and I think we can all agree we need a showdown with Kristen and Jackie on the show pronto. This tea is CRAZY and I'm definitely surprised it slipped through the cracks of this reality show.

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