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Ariana Madix Calls Out Producers For Making The Toms Look Stupid

True tea!

Following Lisa Vanderpump banning the two Toms from coming to set up their own restaurant and them turning up anyway on a recent Vanderpump Rules episode, one of the Toms' significant others Ariana Madix is coming forward to cut the bullshit and tell the truth about the made-for-TV moment.

After the episode aired, and social media started commenting, Ariana tweeted saying the "toms are idiots" schtick is so old and tired and that the show would be way more interesting if it were real.

She continued her rant by saying the Toms only showed up to TomTom because they were given a call time by producers, but they can't say that because it would break the fourth wall.

According to Ariana, it wasn't like the Toms just showed up. The producers told them to come, LVP obviously knew they were going to come which allowed Bravo to edit them into their usual idiot role and act like they just fumbled along. Let's use our brains people.

She also said we definitely aren't seeing the full picture, so maybe there are scenes of the Toms being smart and dignified about the business that are left on the cutting room floor?

And for the record, the Toms should've been allowed to show up. They're business partners of the restaurant and everybody acts like they're two fourth graders working on a science project. This storyline is getting old fast and if they aren't going to be apart of creating any part of this restaurant then what's the fucking point? LVP just wants to slap their names on it and exploit the fuck out of their personalities for more coin.

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