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Teresa Giudice Admits She'll Divorce Juicy Joe If He's Deported

The end of an era.

For years Teresa Giudice has danced around the subject of her husband Joe Giudice being deported to Italy after his three-year prison sentence, however, apparently she finally gave an honest and real answer at the upcoming RHONJ reunion according to multiple sources.

PEOPLE is reporting the topic of Joe's deportation was brought up at the reunion. Although they are currently in the process of appealing his deportation ruling, Teresa told Andy Cohen and the cast if he does end up being deported and forced to spend his days in Italy, they will "go their separate ways."

This isn't news to Juicy Joe, who apparently has discussed their possible divorce, the source explained:

“Teresa told Andy that if Joe gets deported, she’s not going. She said that she and Joe had talked about it over the phone, and that he understood.”

Apparently, her focus is keeping her daughter's in America and didn't seem too sad when the subject was brought up. Teresa obviously used to love Joe, however, after years of being a single mother and hating him for getting her locked up, I think she's ready for a new start and some new dick:

“She didn’t really express any sadness about that,” the second source explained. “She just focused instead on the girls. It was very matter of fact.”

Joe was sentenced to be deported in October and the family are currently appealing the ruling, but he gets out in March, so I don't see this going their way. Wow, time really flies, I still remember went we went "away."

Although we literally ALL saw this coming, it's different hearing her actually admit it.

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