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Melissa Gorga Claims Teresa Giudice Plotted To Take Her Down At RHONJ Reunion

Is anyone surprised?

Before the explosive Jersey reunion that’s set to air Wednesday, Melissa Gorga sat down with The Morning Toast to spill all the tea about what we can expect, especially with Teresa Giudice:

“When you guys see the reunion you are going to be in shock. It’s shocking and this is not me promoting the show. For real, my mouth was dropped the whole time.”

Melissa thinks her sister-in-law had an agenda to go after her during the reunion taping. No shit. It would be weird if Teresa DIDN'T plan to gun for her brother's wife, however, apparently Melissa wasn't expecting it at all:

“Teresa and I go at it very unexpectedly, for me. I feel she had an agenda, didn’t give me a little heads up on this agenda, didn’t let me know how she was feeling about things and went for my jugular within three seconds... You will clearly see… I was like, ‘I was just at your house. We were just eating pasta.’ I was like, ‘What am I missing?’ Andy Cohen looked at me like. He’s like, ’What’s happening?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know,’”

Along with dishing on their rocky relationship, Melissa also gave her take on the clusterfuck that is Teresa's friendship with Danielle Staub and said what we are all thinking about the table flipper and Prostitution Whore's allegiance to each other:

“Besties. Up each other’s butts. Danielle is very like, ‘Yes Teresa, sure Teresa, anything you say Teresa, yes Teresa, you’re the best, you’re the prettiest, you’re the sexiest.’ They are besties now. So, you know how that goes.”

She also spilled the tea about the new girls saying they are completely different and stating Jackie Goldschneider isn't naturally crazy, which is why she's a worthy opponent against Teresa:

"Jackie and Jennifer couldn’t be more opposite human beings. Polar freaking opposites. Jennifer has more of that quirky… She’s more like Teresa. She just goes well with Teresa and Jackie goes well with me. We just think more alike... Jackie had balls this season, which is not easy. She reminds me of me in similar ways because when you don’t naturally have that cooky craziness, which I feel that Jennifer kind of does… she does have that little vibe to her, Jackie is more of like a level-headed… and you are still able to tell your truth and say you don’t agree with something and take the pressure… I like Jackie a lot.”

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