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Tristan Thompson Spotted Flirting With Girls On Valentine's Day

In the words of Margaret Josephs: he's an old dog with no new tricks.

Nearly a year after his infamous cheating scandal, Tristan Thompson was spotted flirting with girls on Valentines Day. So on the most romantic night of the year, he was spending it trying to get into the pants of THOTs instead of being at home with his baby mama.

Can we just all agree he and Khloe Kardashian have an agreement where he can do whatever the fuck he wants and she turns a blind eye?

According to Us Weekly, the basketballer was seen "being flirty, hitting up girls,” at the Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill in Sherman Oaks, California as he chatted and took photos with two women at the bar. Within the same night (Valentine's Day) he was also seen eating at Gyu-Kaku restaurant with a couple of friends where “he seemed very calm and reserved. All of them did.”

Sources already claim Tristan is still up to his old tricks. Just days ago in Cleveland Tristan spent time at the Barely House bar and was escorted directly upstairs out of the public's view and soon after a few hoes were seen walking upstairs too:

“He came in the back door and he was snuck quickly through the back by two or three bouncers. They took him immediately upstairs. There were some girls who went up afterward,” the eyewitness added. “One of the bouncers said, ‘Tristan Thompson is upstairs,’ and they just said, ‘Really?’ and he took them up there.”

What did I say? An old dog with no new tricks.

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