Scheana Shay Reacts To Brandi Glanville Accusing Her Of Shit Talking LVP

Talk about a mess.

Seemingly out of nowhere while Scheana Shay was appearing on WWHL, Brandi Glanville decided to tweet to the world saying they were "fine" but asked if Scheana has no issue with Lisa Vanderpump, why does her podcast producer who she shares with Brandi need to edit out all the shit she talks about LVP.

Andy Cohen asked Brandi's question live on the air which Scheana replied to by claiming the only thing that was edited out was behind the scenes information about production she and Teddi Mellencamp where talking about when she appeared on her podcast, but it was not anything bad about Lisa.

Scheana also took to Twitter to state she has never talked shit about LVP (on the podcast) and their mutual producer could confirm it.

Their producer, Will Sterling, took to Twitter himself stating he told Brandi in passing something about the production of Scheana's podcast which was taken out of context and to say Scheana was shit talking LVP isn't true. He also clarified they often have to edit out behind the scenes VPR information to avoid giving away spoilers.

Even though Scheana denied talking shit about LVP, something Will the producer also confirmed, Brandi took to Twitter once again to slam her ex-husband's former side piece by saying she isn't the liar, cheater, latter climber (?) or someone who sleeps with married men in this situation. We can't say all those things about Scheana.

Brandi also added that she hurt her producer Will by repeating information he told her in private, so even though she could show their texts to vindicate herself, she wouldn't out of respect to her friend and producer. So why say anything at all? That's like taking a shit and not looking.

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