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Jax Taylor Blames Editing For Looking Like An Asshole

Blaming editing for you acting like an asshole is like a beauty queen blaming air for making her fat.

Ex-playboy Jax Taylor never fails to look like a total asswipe, however, on this week’s Vanderpump Rules he revealed his narcissistic tendencies once again, this time to his fiancés dad. Now he’s using the excuse of blaming editing to make him look bad.

In an Instagram post with zero punctuation the reality star turned “reformed” cheater claimed he has to put himself first to be the best person he can be for his wife and kids. Jax also went on to claim in seven years he’s never blamed editing but stated the dinner scene was edited to make him look like a cunt (my word not his) and that even Brittany’s dad agreed it was a shitty edit.

Brittany’s parents are supportive of her staying with a guy who cheated on her in front of America, said disgusting things about her and bought her new boobs, obviously they aren’t the best judges of character because his Vanderpump Rules checks are bankrolling their Kentucky lives.

If you can be bothered, his full statement is below:

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