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Randall Emmett Paid 50 Cent His Money Back

It’s over.

Following a weekend full of Fifty Cent meets Vanderpump Rules inspired memes after the rapper started feuding with Lala Kent and her fiancé Randall Emmett, the drama is officially over.

If you've been living under a rock, the couple allegedly tried to talk to Us Weekly about him which 50 retaliated to by trolling their entire relationship on Instagram and making Rand pay back his $1 million loan by Monday.

For the juicy receipts and screenshots of their truly iconic feud, click here.

Finally on Monday, 50 Cent updated the fans who were eagerly awaiting the verdict on whether Rand had paid or not, and posted a screenshot of his conversation with the producer.

In the messages Randall agreed to pay Fofty by the morning and the rapper stated once the money hit his account all his trolling on Instagram would be deleted. Well, it looks like Rand was good for $1 million because the money hit and all the memes were deleted from Fofty’s account.

This feud is officially over so we’re all going to have to look for something else to occupy our time but wow, what a time to be alive. Isn’t it interesting how this feud came and went just before the Vanderpump Rules finale? Even Kris Jenner isn’t this obvious with her publicity stunts...

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