Ariana Madix Beefing With John Sessa Over Lisa Vanderpump

Who gave this guy a Twitter account?

Reality star Ariana Madix and her fellow costars got heaps of attention after they outed their "boss" Lisa Vanderpump for being vindictive and aggressive on the Vanderpump Rules After Show. They even admitted they all fear for their jobs after LVP sees what they said because she can’t take a joke or criticism towards herself.

These are all truthful things which more than back up any and everything the Beverly Hills ladies have said about Vanderlump this season.

However, for some reason, John Sessa decided to get involved and take to Twitter to roast Ariana for speaking out about her Bravo boss. In case you’ve been living under a rock, John Sessa is LVP’s business partner in Vanderpump Dogs and may or may not be the reason Puppy Gate became the main storyline on this season of Beverly Hills.

John tweeted saying "How disrespectful and disloyal @ariana2525 to @LisaVanderpump - someone who has given you a job for eight years and countless opportunities. Enjoy your new $2M home."

Um. Where did this vet learn to throw shade?

Do we really think LVP wasn’t pushing him to somewhat speak out for her or is he just that hypnotised by her dusty muff? Any who, Ariana clapped back at him, calling him out for coming for her on Twitter when they were actual friends in real life.

Kristen Doute even got involved in their feud stating “I’m confused.” Aren’t we all Kristen? Aren’t we all?

I’m so happy the Vanderpump Takedown of 2019 has spread to her own spin-off and lets just hope and pray she gets even more limited screen time on there too!

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