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Reza Farahan Claims REAL Reason Behind MJ Drama & Gets Restraining Order Against Her Husband

This mess just won't stop.

So far, we've heard Mercedes Javid state she was feuding with her BFF Reza Farahan after he didn't visit her in the hospital, however, with the help of his own leaked text messages Reza is telling his side of the story and things are about to get a whole lot messier.

At the start of the week, Reza posted screenshots of his conversation with MJ after she gave birth showing how she stated she was not allowed to have visitors, how she wouldn't be able to have more kids due to complications and how he asked when would be the best time for him to see the new mother. However, after their polite exchange, Reza posted another screenshot of Mercedes ROASTING him for not seeing her in the hospital.

After the screenshots were posted, MJ's husband and baby daddy, Tommy Feight (allegedly) threatened to kill Reza and broke into his house to throw some of his pot plants around and vandalise his backyard because he was angered Reza would post private screenshots about MJ's hysterectomy.

Oh and GG also joined in to call MJ the devil.

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Following this, The Blast, went onto report that Reza had taken a restraining order out on Tommy after the pot plant incident. Reza and his husband saw him vandalise their house with a bat through their security camera after MJ's husband threatened to kill him over the phone and Reza stated in court documents that the fight started because Mercedes was trying to become the "ringleader" of their reality show.

Reza also claimed, via his Instagram Live video, that MJ wanted more money to appear on the show and when Bravo stopped trying to negotiate a deal with her, she went into labour and used her "gay minion" and Destiney Rose to spread rumours that Reza's husband Adam cheated on him and committed sexual harassment to start a beef to get back on the reality show. (Watch below).

This was when Reza allegedly blocked her on social media, posted their private messages and resulted in none of the Shahs of Sunset cast visiting her in the hospital, which was when Tommy's threats and vandalism started coming into the picture. Oh and you can see the juicy security footage below.

A judge granted Reza a restraining order against Tommy and he must remain 100 yards away from both Reza and Adam. They are due in court next month. It's so sad that's it's gotten to this.

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