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Vicki Gunvalson Serves Ex-Boyfriend Brooks Ayers With $260,000 Lawsuit

Does she really think she's getting this money back?

The OG of the OC has officially served her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers with court documents to continue her ongoing legal battle with the resident cancer scammer of Bravo who she is suing for $266,000 in unpaid loans.

According to The Blast, Vicki Gunvalson hired a process server to serve Brooks at his home in Tupelo, Mississippi on May 8. The serving has officially been completed so Vicki can move forward with the case and attempt to get her money back from her gross ex-boyfriend of five years.

Vicki is accusing the cancer scammer of failing to pay back loans she gave him when they were dating in 2011. They entered into a written agreement where Brooks agreed to give her back $184,899, but she claims he's never repaid her.

Following this, they entered into a verbal agreement that she would pay his legal fees of $81,652.97 for their 2013 Nevada-based lawsuit but, you guessed it, he never paid back that money either.

If he never repaid her with a written agreement then why the fuck would she even enter into the verbal one? Vicki's a smart business woman but his dick must shoot diamonds because she acted like an idiot for the cancer scammer. She'll probably spend more money trying to get him to repay her then what the loans were actually worth, but we'll see what happens.

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