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Tinsley Mortimer Spotted On A Date With Billy Bush

Dale would definitely approve.

Tinsley Mortimer and Billy Bush, two trust fund babies and New York socialites who come from wealthy families, were spotted on a date in Brooklyn almost a week ago on June 1st and if things work out they could be the next hottest WASP couple, something Dale would love more than Tinsley herself.

According to Radar Online, sources saw the pair cozying up during a group outing at Brooklyn Bowl in NYC. Eye witnesses who saw the couple together stated:

“They were bowling in a group, but they looked particularly cozy and affectionate with each other. They were super flirty," adding "she looked really happy, which is so nice after all the drama she had with Scott on the show.”

A second onlooker told the outlet it appeared as if they were on a first date together. So they have multiple sources but neither one managed to take a quick photo on their iPhone? Amateurs.

However, a representative for Tinsley did confirm she was out with Billy telling the outlet:

"She was at Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday with a group of friends that included Billy."

They could've just been in a group of mutual friends but let's pray for this to be true. Billy just got out of his 20 year marriage last summer with a new $3.5 million gig on Extra Extra this fall and Tinsley needs a rich man who can pay for her life and give her babies. It's a match made in heaven!

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