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Jim Edmonds's Mistress Finally Revealed & Meghan King Edmonds Reacts

The tea just keeps coming.

Only a week after Jim Edmond's cheating scandal was made public, his mistress in question has finally been revealed. In case you've been living under a rock, the former House Husband was caught exchanging nudes and sexts with another woman while his wife, Meghan King Edmonds was pregnant with their twin sons, but claims he never touched another woman while he's been married.

The mistress's name is Jennifer McFelia Villegas and she has a very deep history with pro athletes and the law. The jersey chaser was arrested back in 2012 for driving under the influence and again in 2016 for leaving her infant daughter in the car. So, obviously, this woman has amazing morals. And yes, that's her mugshot below.

She also released her own statement about the affair to AllAboutTheTea:

“I want to make a few things very clear — I never set anyone up, blackmailed anyone nor have I attempted to ruin anyone’s family. All my relationships have involved two consenting adults. I made a poor decision to enter a relationship with a married man, and for that I am sorry. I am no saint. My past includes two DUIs and for that I am deeply remorseful and I’ve learned from my mistakes. My life today is completely devoted to my relationship with God and my daughter.”

Following Us Weekly's investigation of Jen, they found FIVE SEPARATE SOURCES who all claim she has a history of seeking out married athletes. Before we dive into what all the sources had to say, this was Meghan's reaction to the mistress identity being revealed:

“I only blame my husband for his actions: he made the choice to betray my trust and jeopardize our marriage. His recklessness also allowed this woman to profit from my heartbreak — but now that her name is out there, she won’t be able to shake down any other families as I rebuild mine.”

Now let's dig into the sources:

Source #1 was the wife of a minor league player who met Jen at a game and exchanged numbers with her. A friend of Jennifer's messaged the wife asking if she was still married to her husband, notifying her of their affair. Of course, her husband denied even knowing the jersey chaser, however, the wife then caught them red-handed during a three-way phone call. The couple divorced five years later.

Source #2 stated she's been contacting baseball players since 2003 and will cling to anyone that gives her attention.

Source #3 claimed Jennifer DMed him on Instagram in late 2016 and they began talking, adding there are other players who have fallen for her tricks as she would call him while she was with a Cincinnati player. This guy also claims that once he ended their relationship, Jennifer began messaging his current fiancee until he had to threaten harassment charges as she would allegedly call his phone non-stop until he answered.

Source #4 said MLB security has been notified of Jennifer several times but have failed to take action while Source #5 admitted the MLB did receive reports of Jennifer in 2008 and 2012 and after they had contact with her to stop her behaviour, she was banned from individual parks.

This just keeps getting juicer but for Meghan and her children's sake, let's hope they can make it work or that she'll get the fuck out of there!

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