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U.S. Attorney General Shuts Down Joe Giudice’s Deportation Appeal

Jersey's neverending story.

After being sentenced to be deported in October 2018, Joe Giudice was denied his initial appeal and it looks like his second one is going to have the same fate. This is Joe's third chance at trying to stay in the United States but it's looking more likely than ever that he'll definitely be sent back to live in Italy.

According to Radar Online (normally I hate using this as a source, however, they have the court documents), the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division Joseph H. Hunt submitted his final rebuttal to the Third Circuit Court stating why the reality star turned convict should be deported from the country.

Back when Juicy Joe was first sentenced to be deported, the immigration judge ruled it was due to him committing an aggravated felony — which is the highest level of crime in America. A crime listed under this category is an automatic basis for deportation and is described under federal law as any loss to a victim which exceeds $10,000. So it makes sense why there's little to no wiggle room.

Joe and his lawyers are trying to argue his crimes weren't at that high level, in order to stay in the country, by stating that Wells Fargo was NOT a victim since they (allegedly) made loans which amounted to consumer fraud. I have no idea what the difference is but it seems like a whole lot of legal mumbo jumbo. Just to point out, Joe also paid $400,000 in restitution to the bank.

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After taking the Attorney General's final brief on the case into consideration, the Third Circuit Court will make a decision on Joe Giudice's deportation in the coming months. Joe STILL remains in ICE custody after he finished serving his three-year prison sentence earlier this year.

Okay, obviously rules are rules and if he committed an aggravated felony, which carries a sentence of automatic deportation for non-citizens, he should be deported. However, Joe has been in America since he was a baby and has four daughters at home. This has gone on for long enough, he served his time and paid his restitution so he should be able to go back to his life of staying at home and cashing Teresa Giudice's Housewives checks.

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