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Tamra Judge Threatens Legal Action In Shady Twitter Feud With Brandi Glanville

This thing is heating up.

I love a good old fashioned Twitter feud and nobody does it like Tamra Judge and Brandi Glanville. Can we move Brandi over to OC and throw her an orange because these are two of the biggest, messiest Housewives of all time and they deserve to clash with a Bravo camera present.

Their feud started after Tamra called Kelly Dodd "The New Brandi" which obviously wasn't a compliment. Brandi then tagged Tamra in a cryptic post and before long their feud was off and running.

The former Beverly Hills Housewife took to Twitter to warn fans she was going to be talking about "the toxic trick that is Tamara" on the next episode of her YouTube show. Then, the reality star turned late-in-life Christian turned bodybuilder clapped back saying Brandi just needs a little attention, with #attorneywatching, which basically means watch your mouth or you're getting sued.

Tamra's always been good at showing up with lawyers letters.

That wasn't all. Brandi then posted a screenshot of their feud calling Tamra a coward who throws a stone and hides behind her bank account (aka her lawyer) so that she can't respond to her tweet.

And of course, that required Tamra to hit back accusing her of throwing the first stone which just evolved into Brandi calling her messy, loud, predictable and uninteresting, while Tamra said she was the queen of messy and made fun of her YouTube show. This kind of shade is what we need!

After the snarky back and forth comments, their beef ended with Brandi asking if they could agree to have a Twitter war without lawyers or canceling each other.

Something tells me between Brandi's YouTube channel and her podcast that this isn't going to be the end of their feud. Can you imagine these two going at it on an All-Star Housewives show? It needs to happen sooner or later.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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