Vicki Gunvalson & Tamra Judge Believe *That* Nasty DM To Kelly Dodd's Daughter Was Fake

Someone's ears are ringing!

This week Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge were in New York City attending OK! Magazine’s Fashion Week Party and they didn't hold back when asked about their Real Housewives of Orange County costar and former friend Kelly Dodd.

In their interview with Us Weekly at the event, Tamra and Vicki both said Kelly is a liar and they don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth. In fact, they even said they believe the abusive fan message Kelly's daughter Jolie received on Instagram DM was fake too.

In case you've been living under a rock, a few episodes ago, Jolie told Kelly she made her Instagram account private and showed her mother a message someone had sent her calling Kelly a cokehead and saying she's a bad mother. This, of course, made the resident cunt caller of the OC even more angry with Vicki because of how the cocaine allegations affected her daughter.

However, now Vicki and Tamra are calling bullshit on the entire message, as they believe it was another one of Kelly Dodd's lies, calling it a set up. And they have a good point. Vicki argued, if Jolie's Instagram account was private then nobody would even be able to send her a direct message. The OG of the OC explained:

“If I’m private can you give me a direct message? The answers no. She said on camera that she’s private so how can she “get this message” that she’s hurt from Vicki. I am not to blame for Jolie being hurt. Kelly is to blame for Jolie being hurt. She’s calling people cunt, she said she’s gonna get wet, she’s got PhD (pretty huge dick.) That’s not Vicki Gunvalson, that’s her mother. My mother would never speak like that.”

It's a fact that you can't slide into someone's DMs when they are private, however, to play devil's advocate, the troll who messaged Jolie could've contacted her BEFORE she turned her account to private. But hey, I guess this will just be another unsolved mystery of the OC. They need to bring Detective Meghan King Edmonds back to investigate this DM scam.

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Tamra added to the conversation saying she didn't want to bash Kelly as a mother, however, said Kelly has no limits and will bash every single part of all their lives, but gets defensive when anyone says anything about her. The THAT'S MY OPINION screecher stated:

"The truth of the matter is I don’t want to bash anybody for being a mother. I feel like that’s off-limits and you should never do that. But unfortunately, with Kelly Dodd, it’s not off-limits. She’ll go after your children, your dog, your business, your husband, your dead grandparents. Nothing’s off-limits to her. You really want to not feed into the negativity because I’ve been guilty of it. She’s gone after me and Eddie [Judge] and my kids and everything on social media, and I will hit back and I’m like, ‘Why am I going down to her level?’"

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