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Brandi Glanville Reads Her Private Messages With Tamra Judge

This feud just keeps on fucking going.

There's really not much more these two can say about each other. Following Brandi Glanville's intense Twitter war with Tamra Judge last week where the two All-Star Housewives went at it on social media, the former Housewife decided to take the battle over to her YouTube and continue to trash the OC reality star.

After their initial back and forth, Brandi went OFF again on Twitter after Tamra called her unstable in an interview. The CUT Fitness owner never responded publicly and Brandi revealed on her YouTube show that Tamra actually DMed her instead.

Miss Glanville did not like that because in her in mind, once a Twitter feud is public you keep it public. Brandi called her a coward and didn't answer the message, instead, she read it to her viewers and it goes something like this:

“I didn’t call you unstable, I was referring to a cast member. When I said Kelly is the New Brandi it's because you guys go full force mean on your comments about your cast members. I don’t really care to fight with you, I don’t even know you. You started this when you called me a hypocritical asshole.”

Brandi responded by calling Tamra the Queen of Mean with a lot of fucks involved. She clarified that she referred to Tamra as a tiny fucking dancer because to Brandi, that term means people under five feet who have to jump around and scream for attention. Brandi also said they'll both be at the same event on September 19th and they can talk, face to face, if Tamra brings two apple crates.

Basically, for the rest of her rant Brandi just defended Kelly Dodd and threw a rainforest worth of shade at the OC Housewife. She explained:

“Literally all I did was say that you were meh in this YouTube video and you came out swinging Tiny Dancer. When I say that you’re meh, you’re talking shit about Kelly saying she pushed her mom down the stairs, saying that she’s not there for her daughter, saying that she’s unstable. I think that you’re just jealous. It could be that you’re going through meh-nopause, or it could be that you’re just meh-canical, or maybe you’re just a meh-sogynist, or maybe you’re just meh-ssy as fuck.”

To finish her message to her latest enemy, Brandi told Tamra to never DM her again, that she's in the gutter while her and Kelly are on the sidewalk and even joked that Tamra's grandkids don't speak to her. Ouch. Why does everybody always talk about each other's kids and then scream when people talk about theirs?

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In full Brandi said:

“Tamra I think you’re a coward. Please don’t ever DM me again. Ever. Ever. Ever. Please stop talking shit about the people you say you care about that are on your cast, because I feel that sometimes people go low. But you’re lower, like we’re on the sidewalk, you’re in the gutter. You’re a train wreck, we’re a bus wreck. Maybe you should go hang out with you’re grandkids. Have a good day. Do the grandkids talk to her?”

That's not all. While Vicki Gunvalson was appearing on WWHL this week, Tamra was in the audience and when asked about Kelly Dodd's recent "engagement," the OC Housewife said she was probably just drunk and threw some shade saying the resident cunt caller on her show should read Brandi's book "Drinking and Tweeting."

Brandi then clapped back on Twitter thanking her for advertising her book on TV and Tamra said she's happy to help her career. Doesn't everyone love a little bit of passive-aggressive shade?

I need someone to take both these women's phones away because I can't keep up with the constant Twitter wars. Enough is enough.

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