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Fofty Cent Claims Lala Kent & Randall Emmett Threatened To Sue Him & Shares Details of Their

This feud just won't fucking end.

Following Lala Kent claiming she has receipts to prove she knocked Fofty Cent's ego, the rapper hit back accusing the reality star of drug use along with a SERIES of other savage posts.

The latest development in Round Two of Lala VS Fofty comes as he revealed the couple are threatening to sue him over his recent social media posts, however, he released footage with his lawyer to prove they don't have a case.

Fofty revealed, back in April when the initial fight broke out over him demanding Lala's fiance turned sugar daddy Randall Emmett pay him his $1 million, that they both signed a legal agreement. They agreed not to talk about each other publically and that if either Lala or Randall said anything about him, that he could clap back on social media without any legal repercussions.

He literally went to a lawyer JUST to be able to trash them on social media if he needed too. What a fucking boss.

The rapper captioned the now-deleted video saying: "Here’s the terms I agreed to when [Randall] gave me my money. I didn’t say anything about him till his little drunk ass girlfriend went running her mouth." In the video, his lawyer reminds him the comments he made were just his opinion and that they cannot pursue him legally. The lawyer explained:

“In the event that either [Randall] or [Lala] make any public statements, whether on social media or otherwise, concerning G-Unit, Principal Jackson, or any dispute between the parties, including between Emmett and Jackson, G-Unit and Principal Jackson should be permitted to respond publicly in any manner and without any restrictions."

Fofty responded in the video to the lawyer saying: "So they decided they wanted to sue me for defamation, right? I don’t give a fuck if they sue me. I don’t give a fuck. I got all day for this shit. I don’t care.”

This means Lala and Randall can sue Fofty all they want but it will never hold up in court due to the agreement they signed, giving Fofty permission to roast them on Instagram if they speak out against him.

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As well as this video, Fofty (of course) continued to post up a storm about the couple, accusing Lala of drinking (even though she claims to be sober) and even compared her to the horror movie character Annabelle. Take the time to view Fofty's latest Instagram posts against the Seeking Arrangements couple at your own leisure below:

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