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Eileen Davidson Claps Back At LVP Accusing Her Of Lying About Being Fired From RHOBH

Eileen Davidson is a fucking queen.

Following the actress turned reality star saying Lisa Vanderpump quitting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and skipping the reunion was a "pussy move," LVP decided to clap back and accused Eileen of lying about being fired from the show.

Ugh. Is that really the best Vandercunt could do? Really? Is John Sessa running her Twitter account?

First of all, literally every Housewife ever (besides Bethenny Frankel) has been fired from the show and they just come up with a shitty excuse to pretend like it was their own choice. This is common practice, we know it's a lie, but we just accept it.

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Second of all, LVC only "quit" the day before the reunion because she knew she would've been fired if she didn't show up to the reunion. So, shut the fuck up.

Following the boring accusation, Eileen decided retaliate to LVC and her trolls of fans by tweeting an interview she did a year ago, where she admitted Bravo asked her to be a friend of the show for season 8, so she declined. Eileen shared she never wanted to star on the reality show for that long and also said the show has asked her to return as a friend or guest since her exit, which she said no to as well.

This proves A) she was demoted, not fired, and B) that she didn't lie about anything.

The Young And The Restless star even pointed out Bravo asked her to not discuss the details of her departure. You can watch the interview below, skip to the 13-minute mark to hear Eileen explain her exit from the show.

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