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Eileen Davidson Disses Lisa Vanderpump For Skipping RHOBH Reunion & LVP Accuses Her Of Being Fir

Can somebody please give Teddi's diamond to this queen?

After two long years, Eileen Davidson finally made her return to Bravo with the same straight shooting, no bullshit attitude she had during her time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The "How DARE You" meme queen appeared on WWHL for the first time since leaving the Housewives and, of course, Andy Cohen had to get her take on the latest 90210 drama. In a speed round of questions, Andy squeezed Eileen for all her juicy opinions and unsurprisingly, she wasn't too favorable towards Lisa Vanderpump.

Do you know why Eileen never got along with LVP? Because she saw straight through her bullshit and knew exactly what she was up to. Eileen and her zero fucks attitude blamed Vanderpump for being behind Puppy Gate and called her skipping the reunion a "pussy move".


Andy also brought up Camille Grammer's two faced ways and asked if Eileen would "cosign" that Camille talks out of both sides of her mouth, and Eileen responded by saying:

“No, I don’t like that. I like Camille a lot, but straight-shooting is my preference.”

She also said Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna's reconciliation won't last (no shit) and admitted she thinks LVP and Kyle Richards "friendship" is over. Eileen didn't try and beat around the bush or be politically correct, she just spoke the truth about every situation and I'm so glad she put Kyle and LVP's "friendship" in air quotes, because we all know their Lucy & Ethel relationship was just an alliance on a reality show.

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The only other obvious question to ask Eileen Davidson would of course be: when are you returning to RHOBH? Eileen's on to bigger and better things, however, she did hint that we could see her making cameos in the future. The actress turned reality star explained:

“I don’t know. You know, I might pop in now and again. You never know."

We need Eileen Davidson back on Beverly Hills. End of story. The former Housewife was a much better ally to Lisa Rinna than Erika Jayne will ever be and always managed to hold everyone accountable for their actions, while still remaining calm and diplomatic. Eileen is one of a fucking kind and season nine definitely would've been more watchable if she was around for the LVP takedown.

LVP clapped back to Eileen's comments on Twitter (of course) and accused her of lying about being fired from the show. Um, if Vanderpump didn't "quit" the day before the reunion she would've been fired anyway, but okay.

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